Our Tariff Plan

Category With Mess W/O Mess
Standard Single Occupancy 13,000 10,500
Standard Double Occupancy 8,500 6,300
Deluxe Single Occupancy 16,000 13,500
Deluxe Double Occupancy 11,500 9,000
Standard Tripple Occupancy 7,500 5,700

Terms & Conditions

  • The rates for room are for Single,Double and Triple Sharing Basis Respectively.
  • Only One Guest at a Time is allowed from family for 24hrs. After 24hrs Guest will be charged as per hostel policies
  • 100% Rent has to be paid in advance before 5th of every month
  • Rent Paid after 5th has to be paid with an interest amount of 5% per day.
  • In case of leaving the hostel room,Student/Parents needs to inform the administration atleast before 15 days
  • There will be no relaxation in fee if a person vacates the room without prior information, which is 15days in advance.
  • No relaxation in fee if a person wants to go home for 10 days or less.For more than 10 days 50% relaxion for mess only will be given.
  • Room heaters are strictly not allowed in hostel
  • Electric Blanket will be charged as per Rupees 1000/- Per Month.
  • Electric Kettle will be charged as per Rupees 600/- Per Month.